Working up a sweat; cleaning for leisure

Working up a sweat; cleaning for leisure

Purity Clean were recently approached to carry out an extensive deep clean of bathroom facilities and carpet cleaning at four locations for one of the UK’s leading leisure chains.  Most people, if looking, will have seen the rise in independent gymnasiums and the intense competition between the large, multi-site groups.  Gym-going customers want a convenient location, flexibility to fit in around their lifestyles and a great range of equipment – all at a competitive price.  But when you achieve all these things, customers’ expectations shift and to win memberships, amongst a crowding market, you need more than just flashy branding and rock bottom prices.  The basics have to be right or the perception of ‘value for money’ carpet cleaning in leisure heavy footfallis likely to be compromised.  A key basic is the bathroom and changing facilities.

So the Purity Clean team got to work and carried out the cleaning over a week before Christmas to ensure the leisure facilities were in prime condition ready for January when there is generally a spike of potential new customers signing up to lose those festive pounds.  The scope of works consisted of removal of soap scum and body fat build-up from the tiles, cleaning the grouting, drain inlets and fixtures and fittings.

Deep cleaning bathrooms in lesiure and fitnessFeedback from members was excellent, with all of them commenting on the improvements to the smell and look of the bathrooms.  For those members who were not there at the time of the works, posters throughout the building helped to draw their attention to the investment in their gym.  Aside from the customer benefit, there is also a commercial benefit in terms of preserving and protecting the asset.  Regular removal of mould, body fluids, limescale and general detritus is essential and should form part of a pre-planned maintenance schedule to help maximise the life and appearance of leisure facilities.

Purity Clean continues to establish itself as a reliable, flexible and trusted partner of choice.  Our recent achievement of the Worksafe Contractor certificate further demonstrates our commitment to safety as well as quality.

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