Five questions, in five minutes with Ami, one of our Team Leaders

Five questions, in five minutes with Ami, one of our Team Leaders

Ami has been with Purity Clean for four months, and in that time she has established herself as an intrinsic part of the team.  So, we’ve asked Ami to answer five questions in five minutes, in exchange for several Custard Creams!  Take it away, Ami….

1) What is it like to work for Purity Clean?

“Working for Purity Clean doesn’t feel like a job to me. It’s something I do everyday and love doing. I’m very passionate about my job as it is an amazing experience and I enjoy every minute. It is hard work, but the end results and the customer feedback (knowing you’ve done a great job) are so satisfying.”

2) What do you enjoy about being Team Leader?

“I enjoy this role because I am able to use my passion for the job and coach other team members to deliver the same great standards. I really enjoy seeing them thrive and grow in confidence knowing I’ve had input and influence in that.”

3) There are lots of cleaning companies out there, what do you think sets Purity Clean apart from the rest?

“We take our job very seriously, but it’s also important to have fun whilst at work. Every job is treated with care and precision as mine and the company’s reputation is hard won. We work hard to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. In one sentence: we are friendly, professional, reliable and skilled people at our work.”

4) What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I like to spend time with my family; my two children are my world and I love spending time with them from going to the park or the local pub for a family meal, or going to the zoo or trampoline park. Also, I can’t forget my dog who I like to take for walks in the beautiful local Cheshire scenery.”

5) Based on your experience, how is the role of cleaner changing?

“Cleaners used to be looked down on a lot, with some people thinking it was unskilled. Now perception is changing as cleaners work very hard, doing things that a lot of people wouldn’t do and, on a serious note, cleaning stops the spread of diseases and maintains a healthy environment. For our business customers, it also helps to promote their image and can make a difference between their customers walking in or walking away… we’re a service that people now rely upon.”

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