Carpets hate the winter, too!

Carpets hate the winter, too!


High-traffic office stair carpets coming back to life.

So, we’re in the grip of  the Siberian winds and Storm Emma isn’t helping matters either… But whilst you’ve got your heating on and a warm cuppa in your hands, spare a thought for your carpets!  Vacuuming alone just takes the top layer of dust and debris away, but in wintertime you’ll see your carpets becoming dull through salt, mud and water pushing the dirt deep into the pile.  Even the vacuum can’t shift it!  Sounds familiar?  We all vacuum, but did you know 41% of Brits have never cleaned their carpets?

There’s a serious side too (there always is!) – carpets can become home to a host of different things, such as dust mites, pollen and even MRSA.  The cost of professionally cleaning a carpet is far less than buying a new one, and choosing to clean will also prolong the life of your carpets.


The first pass on a mouldy bedroom carpet.

We have carried out hundreds of cleans, and even the cream carpets that don’t have obvious stains give away buckets of dirty water.  So, with spring around the corner, treat your rugged friends to a spa day.  Purity Clean are specialists through experience and with professional equipment and treatments, we can get your rugs, carpets and runners looking (and smelling) great again.  Don’t be fooled into replacing that carpet, give it a clean – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Whether it’s a high-traffic reception area, staircases or your living room carpet – we’ve literally done the lot!  Get in touch today to get your carpet clean booked in.


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