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At Purity Clean, we understand the importance cleaning and hygiene, and value for money.  From the professional products we use to the training and equipment provided, and recruitment of the best people around.  Our services are reliable and we operate on a partnership basis with our customers meaning any necessary changes are quick and effortless for you.  All of this is backed by our drive to deliver excellent customer service.  Most importantly of all, our services are designed around you.

Through our approach, we have made lasting and trusted working relationships with many of our customers who renew their contracts with us each year and kindly refer us to their industry partners and colleagues.  We offer transparent pricing, and cleaning products* and equipment are included with our services as well as professional trade insurance and enhanced DBS for regulated environments.  Our team members take ownership for their work sites thereby improving quality, knowledge and delivering the little things like making sure dispensers are topped-up and your dishwasher is cycled and ready for the next morning.  

We look after customers such as: solicitors' offices, accountancy practices, nurseries, schools, communal spaces in flexible workspaces and residential block accommodation, showrooms and gyms.  

We're here when you need us, whether that be daily or weekly and we can deliver our services out of hours or at the start/end of your working day.  Our team members can order consumables, talk to our Support Office and report issues (e.g. a blown light bulb) right from their mobile app.  Our app is also GPS enabled, meaning we can monitor real-time attendance on site and ensure lone workers are safe.



* excludes consumables such as paper products bin liners, hand soap and dishwasher tablets.