Back to the office... again.

It has been a week since the government announced that they would no longer be asking for workers to work from home which is great news for the high street and mental health. That said, 24% of businesses said that they would use increased homeworking going forward and it remains to be seen if office space will be repurposed, disposed of or continue as it did pre-pandemic. What is certain is that hybrid-working is here to stay with a whopping 85% of respondents to a recent ONS survey saying that they wanted the home/office arrangements to stay in place - indeed, job adverts with "homeworking" have increased at a faster rate than total adverts.

So, how do you help employees to feel comfortable being back at the office? Practically speaking, ventilation and enhanced cleaning is still the order of the day. Meeting the approval of workers' senses is a must: does the workplace look clean? Does it smell clean? Are they happy to touch surfaces? There must also be a focus on employee wellbeing and welfare at work, plus colleagues need the right tools for the job if employers are going to facilitate a hybrid approach. Wellbeing and welfare goes further than providing toilets and a kettle, it could mean break out areas with mindfulness or fitness considerations so they can have five minutes out particularly in stressful environments. It could mean more plants and better lighting which are proven to reduce stress, improve productivity and can reduce sickness. It could mean ensuring that employees have adequate training and don't feel stressed using tools or systems that just don't work.

Here at Purity Clean we look beyond our core task of cleaning and think about the end users of our service at all times. Our services are designed around creating safe and enjoyable workplaces. Furthermore, we can provide a huge range of consumable products to keep your workspace COVID Safe and washrooms environments stocked.

To find out more about our services, contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help to improve your workplace as you welcome colleagues back to the office. | 01270 295162 | @PurityGroupUK

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