• Chris Wilson

Getting Ready to Re-open

As we prepare to start the slow journey out of lockdown we have put together a few tips on how you can make your office COVID secure in advance of a successful re-opening.

Undertake a deep clean of your office.

Dust and dirt will have built up in your workspace during any prolonged closure. By employing a professional cleaning company such as Purity Clean you can disinfect and sanitise the whole office in one go and welcome your employees back to a fresh environment. Regular deep cleans will also help to maintain this standard.

Review your cleaning schedule.

With a chance to start afresh it may be time to change any cleaning schedules that were previously in place. Consider the frequency and length of cleans. You could also supplement your daily cleans with regular touch point cleans throughout the day.

Communicate your plans.

It will be important to instil confidence in your employees on their return to the workplace. Let them know what actions you are putting in place to make sure they feel safe to return.

Think about any risks.

Shared spaces may need to be re-thought. The biggest risk to the spread of bacteria and viruses will be in communal spaces and shared equipment. Make sure these areas are sanitised regularly and the correct products are available for employees to use.

It will undoubtedly be a nerve wracking time for employees and businesses alike, but by taking a practical approach to cleaning and hygiene will help to reduce risk, and reassure.

If you have any questions on how Purity Clean can help with your offices reopening please get in touch!

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