How TUPE can work for you

TUPE is an area of employment law that is often not well understood and can cause trepidation and confusion. Purity Clean are very experienced in the process, here are a few key points to explain the process simply.

What is TUPE?

TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employees) protects an employees rights when a contract transfers from one company to another. TUPE applies to all businesses in the United Kingdom, regardless of size or sector. How does this affect Purity Clean?

When awarded a new contract, TUPE regulations may apply and stipulate that Purity Clean are required to offer any eligible team members a position of work, on the same terms and conditions of their previous employer. There can be no contractual changes.

Benefits of TUPE.

If a company is happy with their current cleaner but unhappy with the way the contract is being managed, TUPE is a great way to improve the service being delivered. Very little will change on a day to day basis but the new company will take over managing the new contract.

If a company is unhappy with the general cleaning service, TUPE is likely to still benefit the customer. More often than not, poor service cannot be blamed entirely on the cleaner. There may be a several reasons behind the poor service, from a lack of supervision, poor deployment of resources or even a lack of cleaning products.

Through experience, Purity Clean have developed proven procedures to help team members who have transferred to the business deliver the level of service required. This can be done through regular meetings, supervision and monitoring of work, re-training where necessary, and regular inspections and feedback.

The TUPE process is managed between the previous provider and Purity Clean. We always keep our customers updated on the process but there will be no need for the customer to be involved.

If you are unhappy with your current cleaning provider, Purity Clean are here to help. We have a strong track record of taking over underperforming contracts and turning them around to provide exceptional levels of service. Get in touch today!

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