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Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the world we all had to change how we work. The sudden lockdown that forced us all into our own homes is now, tentatively, coming to an end and workplaces are slowly opening up. A poll conducted towards the end of 2020 suggest that 2 in 5 office workers are anxious about returning to the workplace. In order to instil confidence in the workforce, any employer needs to think about what measures to put in place to ensure they do feel confident and happy to return. This will make the process smoother, as well as help to increase productivity, anxious or unhappy workers will not be working to their full potential. The biggest, and easiest, thing to think about is the cleaning schedule in place for the workplace. To help you deliver a clean, and safe, environment we have put a handy guide together for things you should think about:

How to keep the office clean:

To maintain a consistent and hygienic workspace, it is important to have a regularly cleaning schedule in place. Utilising the correct cleaning routine will help to efficiently maintain standards throughout the office. Outsourcing your cleaning requirements to a professional cleaning company can really help with this. In addition to this it is important that your employees are able to keep their own workspaces clean. Up to 10 million bacteria can live on an office desk and keyboards, mouse and telephones can also harbour germs. Having antibacterial surface wipes available for employees to use at all times is a good idea. Purity Clean can provide you with all the products you need to keep your office clean.

Cleaning checklist:

As an employer, you have a duty of care to protect and employees and visitors from harm or threats. Having a thorough checklist in place can take the cleaning aspect of this out of your hands. Any good commercial cleaning company will ensure every area of the workspace will get a regular clean. An example of a cleaning checklist that Purity Clean would put in place for your office would include:

· Sanitise all work surfaces with virucidal spray

· Sanitise all touch points

· Clean and sanitise all kitchen facilities

· Clean and sanitise all washrooms

· Vacuum all carpeted areas

· Mop and disinfect any hard floors

· Empty all bins and remove to external refuse area

Essential cleaning supplies for the workplace:

Maintaining a supply of good quality cleaning supplies in the office is very important. Commercial cleaning companies will generally provide all cleaning equipment in order to take that worry away from you. Purity Clean can provide the following items to help keep workplaces clean:

· Antibacterial wipes

· Virucidal spray

· Hand sanitiser

· 3 ply face masks

· Disposable gloves

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The benefits of a commercial cleaning company:

Bringing your teams back into the office will bring you enough stress on its on without having to think about your cleaning requirements. By employing a commercial cleaning company like Purity Clean all that stress can be removed. We will assess the workspace, either in person or via video call, to see the space, find out your requirements and expectations, and to be able to draw up a thorough cleaning schedule. Once we start working together we will regularly monitor our team to ensure work standards are high and regularly communicate with you to ensure you are happy with the work completed.

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