Maintaining the highest hygiene standards in your venue is made simple with this pack of 4 x 5Ltr Domestos Professional citrus bleach concentrate bottles. Containing powerful bleaching agents, this professional solution will quickly cut through stubborn stains and harmful bacteria. This makes it easy for you to keep your toilets, waste bins, sinks or drains clean and hygienic.


The pleasant lemon perfume also leaves behind a refreshing fragrance to keep your toilets and surfaces smelling sweet long after cleaning.

Domestos Bulk Bleach (4 Pack)

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    • Pack of 4x5L
    • Contact Time: 2-3 Minutes for sinks, leave overnight for toilet bowls
    • The powerful bleaching agents are incredibly effective against stains and bacteria
    • Fights germs even after rinsing
    • The CTAC formula clings to surfaces longer than any other bleach for superior cleaning power
    • Features a refreshing lemon fragrance
    • Perfect for use in toilets, sinks, waste areas and drains