Provided in a pack of 6x500ml bottles, the high-performance, vegetable-based formula from Ecover makes this solution extremely effective at tackling grease and grime. As such, it's easy for staff to keep your surfaces spotless at all times.

The solution also features a pleasant, plant-based perfume to mask bad odours and ensure your surfaces are smelling fresh long after cleaning.

Ecover All-purpose Cleaner (6 pack)

Excluding VAT |
    • Pack of 6
    • Features a pleasant plant-based fragrance
    • Suitable for use on all washable hard surfaces
    • The vegetable-based ingredients are highly renewable
    • Free from toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic ingredients such as phosphates
    • The solution has low aquatic toxicity and is biodegradable according to international standards
    • Made in an environmentally responsible factory powered by renewable energy
    • Septic-tank safe
    • The packaging is made from recycled and plant-based plastic
    • The ready-to-use formula makes this solution easy to apply